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The Cuban Regime Brings Back the Weapon of Fear / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 7 September 2016 — In the autumn of 2002 at an event in a Havana theater, the dictator Fidel Castro sent a clear message to independent journalists and regime opponents in an effort to downplay their importance. Referring to dissidents, he […] Continue reading
My History / Somos+, Frank Rojas Posted on January 26, 2016 Somos +, Frank Rojas, 26 January 2016 — My history is like that of most Cubans born during the Revolutionary period. My generation grew up with our lives administered by others, carrying ration cards and bearing witness to those great moments that marked the […] Continue reading
Times writer gets Earful from Cuba dissidents Guillermo I. Martinez SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL guimar123​ Cuban dissidents don’t see lifting embargo as way to help Once again Ernesto Londoño, the newest member of The New York Times Editorial Board, writes about Cuba. That makes it four editorials and now three columns in less than two months. […] Continue reading
Response to Ricardo Alarcon / Eliecer Avila Posted on July 18, 2013 This morning I was awakened by a call from a friend to tell me that finally señor Ricardo Alarcón had uttered words referring to our encounter*. I immediately started to make arrangements to see where I could download this post, but nothing worked. [...] Continue reading
Posted on Friday, 04.26.13 Cuban dissidents Globe-trotting Cuban activists sway world opinion BY MIMI WHITEFIELD At least a half dozen Cuban activists are now crisscrossing the globe, more or less at the same time, publicly airing their grievances against the Cuban government and meeting with high-level officials and politicians abroad. What gives? Many Cuba [...] Continue reading
Cubans and Logging In to the Future April 8, 2013 Alfredo Fernandez HAVANA TIMES — Having left Cuba less than a month ago has proven a major revelation for me. Yes, because for a Cuban crossing the limits of the island for the first time brings with it a peculiar significance to the trivial act [...] Continue reading
Cuba pushes swap: its spies jailed in US for American contractor held in Havana In what could be the setting for a gripping thriller, Cuba and the U.S. are reportedly locked in a standoff this weekend, with the fate of an American contractor hanging in the balance. NBC's Michael Isikoff reports. By Michael Isikoff NBC [...] Continue reading
Obama victory leaves Cubans relieved, hopeful Wed Nov 7, 2012 3:35am EST * Cubans feared Romney would toughen U.S. policy * Obama lifted restrictions on remittances, travel to Cuba * U.S.-Cuba relations slightly improved under Obama By Jeff Franks HAVANA, Nov 7 (Reuters) – Cubans breathed a collective sigh of relief on Wednesday over U.S. [...] Continue reading

Thursday, February 21, 2008
Castro's exit builds Cuban expectations
Many are hoping for free-market opportunities
By The Associated Press" WIDTH="300" HEIGHT="250" BORDER="0"></A>

HAVANA (AP) — Fidel Castro spent nearly five decades railing against
even the tiniest of capitalist reforms in the Western Hemisphere's only
communist country.

Some Cubans are hoping his brother, Raul, would embrace… Continue reading

Cubans hope for shift toward capitalism
By Wili Weissert

HAVANA — Fidel Castro spent nearly five decades railing against even the
tiniest of capitalist reforms in the Western Hemisphere's only communist

Now that he is stepping down, some Cubans are hoping his brother, Raul,
will embrace free markets and more if… Continue reading

ANALYSIS: Power transfer is complete, Cuba remains on Fidel’s course

By Franz Smets
Deutsche Presse-Agentu
José F. Sánchez
Bureau Chief
Research Dept.
La Nueva Cuba
June 17, 2007

Mexico City – For months, the same success stories have been coming out
of Cuba: the ailing revolutionary leader Fidel Castro is getting better,
he… Continue reading

Castro and Company Open Cuba’s Doors
At Summit, Leaders Push Third World Alliance

HAVANA, Cuba, Sept. 16, 2006 — – This week, Cuba used the mystery
surrounding Fidel Castro’s health to attract attention to the Nonaligned
Movement summit in Havana.

With the help of ally Hugo Chavez, the country kicked-off an effort to… Continue reading

U.S. and Cuba Theatrical Shouting Match Rages
Four-Block Area in Havana Is Ground Zero for Venting Pent-Up Hostilities

HAVANA, Feb. 13, 2006 — – A four-block area around the U.S. diplomatic
mission in Havana has become ground zero for the two countries to vent
pent-up hostility and grievances. The theatrical shouting match is… Continue reading

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