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Seeding a Silicon Valley in Cuba By Ramphis Castro, Founder, Mindchemy March 13, 2015, 7:00 AM PDT This Re/code series of contributed essays from Kauffman Fellows will provide stories from their on-the-ground view of technology entrepreneurship today, and its implications for the future. Founded in 1994, Kauffman Fellows is a Silicon Valley-based leadership program for […] Continue reading
In Cuba, prosperity will require changes to government control By Karen DeYoung February 14 at 3:30 AM HAVANA — When Cuba was hit with rolling blackouts a decade ago, Fidel Castro decided to save energy by ordering everyone on the island to switch from incandescent to fluorescent lighting. Millions, perhaps billions, of bulbs were ordered […] Continue reading
Rejecting Fidelism and Empowering Citizens / Diario de Cuba, Dimas Castellano Posted on February 4, 2015 Looking back on the history of the conflict, Cuba and the United States tried to impose their political philosophies through confrontation only to have them run aground on the negotiating table. They opted for war as a continuation of […] Continue reading
Foreign businesses tread carefully as Cuba opens up Marc Frank in Havana February 1, 2015 12:40 pm With a view of the sea sparkling in the distance, Ceiba Investments enjoys some of the best corporate office space in Cuba’s rundown capital city. Complete with high-speed internet, boutiques, travel agencies and banks, the Miramar Trade Center, […] Continue reading
White Flag to the Regime in Havana? / Jeovany Jimenez Vega Posted on January 22, 2015 By: Jeovany Jimenez Vega — Those who advocate the elimination of the mechanisms of political pressure to which the Cuban government remains subject — I mean basically the United States Embargo and the Common European Position — often wield […] Continue reading
Obama as Cuba’s Internet provider Formal talks on US-Cuba ties started Wednesday, with President Obama insisting on Cubans being given access to the Internet. He is right to see the Internet as the people’s searchlight for freedom – despite his doubts about ‘democracy promotion.’ By the Monitor’s Editorial Board The great power of the Internet […] Continue reading
Radio and TV Martí have roles to play as Cuba enters a new era By A. Ross Johnson and S. Enders Wimbush January 9 at 8:08 PM A. Ross Johnson, a fellow at the Wilson Center and the Hoover Institution, was director of Radio Free Europe from 1988 to 1991. S. Enders Wimbush was director […] Continue reading
Cuba’s 14ymedio Journalists Spend Two hours With the New York Times’ Ernesto Londoño Posted: 12/06/2014 4:24 am EST 14ymedio, 1 December 2014 — Ernesto Londoño, who authored six editorials on Cuba published recently by The New York Times engaged in a friendly conversation on Saturday with a part of the 14ymedio team, in the hotel […] Continue reading
Burma is closer than we think … / 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez Posted on October 23, 2014 14ymedio, Yoani Sanchez, Prague, 15 October 2014 – A few years ago, when I was overcome with despair about the situation of my country, I thought about those who were in worse shape with regards to the lack of […] Continue reading
Somos+ Launches a Project to Save History / Eliecer Avila Posted on July 9, 2014 Among the first victims of January ’59 was the history of Cuba, especially the phase of the Republic. A radical rupture caused the immediate divorce of the new generations with a past that was reduced to four lines in scholarly […] Continue reading
“I Always Did What My Conscience Dictated” / Dimas Castellano, Oscar Espinosa Chepe Posted on June 21, 2014 One of the central figures of the Cuban opposition, who participated in the revolution before its ultimate victory but ended up being sentenced to 20 years in Castro’s prisons, was the independent economist Oscar Espinosa Chepe, who […] Continue reading
Cuba’s Phone Company: Who Are the Real Owners? June 5, 2014 Fernando Ravsberg* HAVANA TIMES — At the dawn of the industrial age, some workers destroyed machines in an attempt to halt the growing unemployment of the times. They were moved by the mad hope that they could put a stop to technological development and […] Continue reading
“All discussion with the regime should be based on the issue of fundamental rights and freedoms” / Antonio Rodiles Posted on May 25, 2014 Pablo Diaz Espi: How do you read the current moment inside the country? Antonio Rodiles: I daresay we are experiencing today the transfer of power from the “old guard” to their […] Continue reading
Widow of Cuban Dissident Appeals for Outside Investigation Into His Death Former Spouse of Oswaldo Paya Tells ZENIT She Has Proof He Was Murdered Havana, Cuba, May 13, 2014 ( Ivan de Vargas Cuban Ofelia Acevedo, widow of dissident Oswaldo Paya, who died in unclear circumstances, asked that an international investigation be opened to know […] Continue reading

Posted on Saturday, 05.03.14

Andres Oppenheimer: Latin America’s growing press freedom troubles

A new report on press freedoms worldwide contains a chilling figure:
Only 2 percent of Latin Americans live in countries with a free press.
But I wonder whether the report paints an accurate picture of what’s
going on… Continue reading

Peter KentPC MP, Thornhill

Cuba Is Open For Business That Might Land You in Jail
Posted: 04/29/2014 6:03 pm

If word out of Havana is to believed — relayed aggressively in recent
weeks by Cuban diplomats and trade emissaries to major investors in
financial centers around the world — a new day of investment
opportunities is… Continue reading

Cuba Opens the Gates to Foreign Capital / Ivan Garcia Posted on April 10, 2014 When a government’s financial figures are in the red, everything takes on new urgency. By now the formulas to address the problem are well-known. Often new tax measures are imposed while bloated public spending is slashed. But if the goal […] Continue reading
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