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Exiliados piden a Justin Trudeau que ayude a cubanos varados NORA GÁMEZ TORRES Justin Trudeau, el primer ministro canadiense que ha conquistado la internet, podría quizás emerger como héroe en el drama de los migrantes cubanos que quedaron varados tras el fin de la política de “pies secos, pies mojados”. Al menos esa es […] Continue reading
Cuba’s nascent tech industry is growing fast As icy U.S.-Cuba relations begin to thaw, Cuba’s knowledge economy is waking up. But it’s a delicate process Like many Cubans, Ubaldo Huerta left his homeland during a time of deep economic crisis following the dissolution of the Soviet Union in 1989, which decimated Cuba’s economy and sent […] Continue reading
The case of Omara Isabel Ruiz Urquiola BORIS GONZÁLEZ ARENAS | La Habana | 10 de Marzo de 2017 – 09:21 CET. This interview is important in many ways. But, if I had to choose one, it would be how it illustrates the existence of Cuba’s civil society. Castroism has endured by enfeebling the individual, […] Continue reading
Everyone in Cuba Wants to Learn English / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 3 February 2017 — It’s raining cats and dogs in Havana and the Weather Institute announces a moderate cold front on the west of the island. Like any weekend, after lunch people gather in front of the TV to watch a Spanish football […] Continue reading
One night in an Airbnb in Cuba costs twice what many Cubans make per month By Nidhi Prakash Four months after Airbnb opened for business in Cuba, it’s becoming clear what kind of impact the uptick in American tourism may have on the local economy. The Associated Press reports that between January and May alone, […] Continue reading
Fernando Rojas: Santa y Andrés will not be shown, to defend ‘a people and a great cause’ DDC | Madrid | 7 de Diciembre de 2016 – 13:50 CET. A few days before it was announced that the film Santa y Andrés would be censored and not be presented at the New Latin American Cinema […] Continue reading
Embargo remains for some Cuba sectors, as trade grows slowly December 3, 2016 at 2:42 PM EST AMY GUTTMAN: Visitors to Cuba may find the lack of modernization part of the country’s charm, but if Cuban farmers and American investors get their way, oxen that still till these fields may finally be replaced. Cuban-American entrepreneur […] Continue reading
Internet Access Remains a Luxury in Cuba / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 11 October 2016 — Marcos, the fifty-six-year-old owner of an illegal gambling operation, went to Cordova Park in Havana’s La Vibora neighborhood to chat online with a friend who lives in Miami. When he got there, he wondered if he was dreaming. Perhaps […] Continue reading
THE HARSH REALITY OF TRYING TO DO BUSINESS IN CUBA BY KEN FIREMAN ON 6/19/16 AT 6:30 AM This article first appeared on the London School of Economics site. The car was a Detroit classic on a Havana street, a pink and white 1956 Chevy Bel Air with a nickname out of a rock ‘n’ […] Continue reading
Airlines race to Cuba, overcoming major hurdles There are hundreds of challenges to be tackled as U.S. airlines prepare to resume their first regularly scheduled flights to Cuba in five decades. BY SCOTT MAYEROWITZ Associated Press HAVANA Galo Beltran stands on the tarmac testing a hand-held baggage scanner. Each time a barcode is successfully read, […] Continue reading
Interview with Mary Jo Porter If paradise ends where choice begins, as Arthur Miller observed, then our digital age fantasy of paradise as a tropical island with no Internet collapses with our choice to travel to one. The permanent inhabitants of such an island, who live without Internet access or the luxury of travel, would […] Continue reading
Want to do business in Cuba? Be prepared to jump through a lot of hoops By Alli Knothe, Times Staff Writer Thursday, May 5, 2016 2:03pm TAMPA — Nearly 37,000 people traveled between Tampa International Airport and Cuba in 2015, spending $1 million just to get there, and local businesses are working to figure out […] Continue reading
This is the future: Cuba – broken country Malema wants to replicate in SA Before relocating to Germany, Melanie Sergeant was one of South Africa’s leading financial journalists. Sister to famous investigative writer and author Barry, she now writes under her married name of Haape, Melanie visited Cuba this month – partly to see what […] Continue reading
State Institutions Aren’t Owned by the People but by a Small Group / Somos+ Posted on March 16, 2016 Somos+, Ricardo Romulo, 25 February 2016 — I take a daily stroll through the streets of Old Havana and Central Havana, both so flooded with tourists and Cubans that it seems as if the city might […] Continue reading
How to Go to Cuba Right Now By VICTORIA BURNETTMARCH 15, 2016 Travel to Cuba just got easier and, probably, less expensive. The United States government on Tuesday announced new rules that allow Americans to travel independently to Cuba on what they call “people-to-people” trips, one of the most popular ways to see the island. […] Continue reading
Why are We Afraid of Cuba? 02/22/2016 01:26 pm ET Dr. Jonathan Doh Jonathan Doh is the faculty Director of the Center for Global Leadership & Rammrath Chair in International Business at Villanova University. Cuba is at a crossroads. Yet it seems some in the United States are hesitant to take the next step, fearful […] Continue reading
Cuba opens for US business Feb 22, 2016 As the US and Cuba sign an agreement for commercial flights between the two countries to resume after a gap of over 50 years, Sally White wonders if the romance is over Everyone is getting teed up for booming business seeing this as the new money-spinner – […] Continue reading
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