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Where is Socialism in Cuba? / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 20 May 2107 — A downpour in May hits the corrugated metal roof hard. Water filters in through several holes into the house of Mireya, a blind, half-deaf seventy-one-year-old woman. She relies on pieces of black rubber to cover and protect her most precious possessions: […] Continue reading
Villa Clara: Poverty, Wifi and Monotony / Iván García Iván García , 3 November 2016 — Situated between sugar cane fields and with the Escambray mountain chain visible in the distance, at the side of the old Central Highway is the village of La Esperanza, part of Ranchuelo, one of the 13 towns of Villa […] Continue reading
In Cuba, seedlings of capitalism Updated: AUGUST 11, 2016 — 12:53 PM EDT by Michael Smerconish, Inquirer Columnist Entrepreneurship might seem like an odd word to associate with Cuba, but it seems increasingly apt, given the individuals I met during a week traveling the island. From the tobacco fields three hours outside of Havana to […] Continue reading
For Cubans sent back to the island, home comes with a hard landing Nations throughout the hemisphere are clamping down on Cuban migrants. For those who end up back on the island, life often goes from bad to worse. BY JIM WYSS ALQUÍZAR, CUBA Like others who have gone abroad, Yoandy Boza Canal was […] Continue reading
Cuba: The Big Change Alma Guillermoprieto MAY 12, 2016 ISSUE One could swear that nothing has changed. The chaotic lines we travelers form in front of Cuba’s stern immigration officers; their belligerent slowness; the noise and heat in the too-small room; the echoing shouts across the room from one olive-green-clad person to another (an argument […] Continue reading
Off the Tourist Trail in Cuba by Lauren Matison February 29, 2016 A seven-day journey through Havana in search of responsible travel opportunties yields inspiring discoveries beyond the government-regulated tourism industry. It’s been like this for the past 56 years, you think the first time you see Havana’s Linea Street: a wide thoroughfare lined with […] Continue reading
Central Committee Plenary, Beans, Clothes, and the Roof / 14ymedio, Pedro Campos Posted on January 24, 2016 14ymedio, Pedro Campos, Havana, 23 January 2016 — A brief note on 15 January in the State-Party controlled newspaper Granma reports that the 13th Plenary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) was apparently held […] Continue reading
A Glance at Cuba in 2015 / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 6, 2016 Ivan Garcia, 2 January 2016 — Joel Castillo, 19, passed from expectation to frustration in 12 months. After graduating in 2014 in electronics from a technology school south of Havana, he still hasn’t been able to work in his specialty. “With […] Continue reading
U.S.-Cuba Agricultural Trade: Past, Present, and Possible Future by Steven Zahniser and Bryce Cooke Highlights: – Establishing a more normal economic relationship between the United States and Cuba would allow Cuba to resume exporting agricultural products to the United States and lead to additional growth in U.S. agricultural exports to Cuba. – The United States […] Continue reading
For Cuban Scientists Paradise Is Abroad / 14ymedio, Lilianne Ruiz Posted on November 6, 2015 14ymedio, Lilianne Ruiz, Havana, 6 November 2015 – He arrived in Berlin without a single euro in his pocket and with a pound of beans in his suitcase. Ariel Urquiola remembers his arrival in Germany to do post-doctoral work at […] Continue reading
Want to Invest in Cuba? Meet Your Partner, Castro’s Son-In-Law Michael SmithSep 30, 2015 12:01 am ET (Bloomberg) — Omar Everleny Pérez 
is eager to show me how far Raúl Castro’s overhaul of Cuba’s socialist economy has advanced, and so, on a muggy evening in August, the 54-year-old economist invites me into his home in […] Continue reading
Want to Do Business in Cuba? All Roads Lead to Raúl Castro’s Son-in-Law Things are changing rapidly in Cuba, and people from around the world are eager to get in on the action. Wait until they meet their new partner. September 30, 2015 Michael Smith Propaganda outside Mariel, a new base for private investment. The […] Continue reading
The Cuba conundrum: where to now for Cuba-US relations? Relations with the United States have thawed, and Cuba’s youth hunger for change. But other Cubans fear that ‘normalising’ of relations with the US will make life on the Caribbean island worse, rather than better Rozana loves Rihanna. “I like her songs, the way she dresses, […] Continue reading
Here’s a Glimpse into the Future of U.S. Private Investment in Cuba Mar 13, 2015 As the relationship between the United States and Cuba evolves, so does the potential for U.S. investment in the island nation. Dan Loney, host of the Knowledge@Wharton show on Wharton Business Radio on SiriusXM channel 111 recently spoke on the […] Continue reading
Cubans of Milkless Coffee Put Their Feet on the Ground / Ivan Garcia Posted on February 15, 2015 Ivan Garcia, Havana, 14 December 2015 — “The truce ended,” bawled a newspaper vendor on the bustling central Calzada de 10 de Octubre, in south Havana. Leaning against a peeling wall in the lobby of an old […] Continue reading
Raul Castro’s Pyrrhic Victory / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 17, 2015 After the jubilation over the arrival in Cuba of the three spies imprisoned in the US comes to an end, when the campaign of tributes in the official media is over and the lights installed on the stands for government agents to hear […] Continue reading
Obama’s new policy toward Cuba could mark the end of the olive-green autocracy / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 7, 2015 I understand the discontent of an important sector of Cubans in exile and within the internal dissidence. On 17 November, just one month before the momentous diplomatic turn of events between Cuba and the […] Continue reading
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