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Ayuda internacional no llega a manos de damnificados por Matthew en Cuba octubre 19, 2016 “Aquí nadie tiene electricidad, el agua para tomar debemos hervirla con leña, y para guarecerse de las inclemencias del tiempo la gente ha improvisado techos, porque la mayoria sufrió pérdida total de las casas”, relata uno de los afectados […] Continue reading
Lessons From Myanmar / 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila 14ymedio, Eliecer Avila, Yangon, Myanmar, 2 September 2016 — During his visit to Cuba, US President Barack Obama mentioned the changes in Burma (now Myanmar) as an example of the most recent democratic transition from a fierce military dictatorship that lasted over half a century. Since then, the […] Continue reading
How many Cubans read? JOSÉ PRATS SARIOL | Miami | 2 de Septiembre de 2016 – 15:11 CEST. An article by Juan Cruz in the Spanish daily El País features frightening figures about reading habits in Spain: 39.4% of Spanish adults have not read a book in the last 12 months. It adds that 57.5% […] Continue reading
JetBlue Ends Abusive Prices of Charter Flights to Cuba / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Santa Clara, 31 August 2016 – Raul Caceres was a bundle of nerves as he put the finishing touches on the JetBlue Airlines office that opened this Wednesday in the airport in Santa Clara, Cuba. A few hours before […] Continue reading
Intense Rains Give Evidence of the “Wonder” of Havana / Iván García Iván García, 9 June 2016 — Ask Luis Carlos Rodríguez, retired, his opinion about the designation of “Wonder City” based on an Internet survey conducted in the winter of 2014 by the Swiss foundation, “New 7 Wonders,” and you will hear a long […] Continue reading
Is This the Second Phase of Cuba’s Special Period? / Iván García Joel, a fifty-five-year-old engineer, remembers the summer of 1994 when, after finishing his day job, he came home to roast two or three pounds of peanuts. After packaging them in paper cones fashioned from the pages of school textbooks, he went out to […] Continue reading
The Regime’s Lost Cause: Preserving Its ‘Culture’ ORLANDO FREIRE SANTANA | La Habana | 20 de Junio de 2016 – 3:27 pm. Cuban leaders cannot shake off fears that the Castro legacy will be completely extinguished when the “historic generation” of the Revolution dies out, or when the first political reform measures are implemented in […] Continue reading
Patriotic Union Of Cuba Launches A Political Program / 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar 14ymedio, Reinaldo Escobar, Havana, 5 May 2016 — Since early this month, members of the Patriotic Union of Cuba (UNPACU) have begun to disseminate the document Minimum Program and Projections, which outlines guidelines for the actions of the opposition organization, forms of struggle, […] Continue reading
Cuban farmers in ‘agony’ waiting for promised reforms ARTEMISA, CUBA | BY MARC FRANK In Cuban farm country – between sugar cane, vegetable patches and overgrown fallow land a world away from Havana’s tourist-filled streets – producers are seething at what they say is the government’s backsliding on promised market reforms to make their lives […] Continue reading
Is Cuba ready for the business boom? As Barack Obama becomes the first US president to visit in almost 90 years, Cuba’s “practically virgin” foreign business scene is drawing increasing interest. But is Havana ready? By Harriet Alexander, Havana10:35PM GMT 19 Mar 2016 Nico had a problem. The small, turquoise bungalow he runs as a […] Continue reading
Right and Left, from a Cuban Perspective JUAN ANTONIO BLANCO | Miami | 2 Mar 2016 – 9:43 am. From Havana I get an email seeking to address the challenges facing the country applying the binary axis of “Left” and “Right.” I imagine that two factors lead to this interest. One is an incipient ebb […] Continue reading
Cuba opens for US business Feb 22, 2016 As the US and Cuba sign an agreement for commercial flights between the two countries to resume after a gap of over 50 years, Sally White wonders if the romance is over Everyone is getting teed up for booming business seeing this as the new money-spinner – […] Continue reading
APNewsBreak: US OK’s first factory in Cuba since revolution By MICHAEL WEISSENSTEIN HAVANA (AP) — The Obama administration has approved the first U.S. factory in Cuba in more than half a century, allowing a two-man company from Alabama to build a plant assembling as many as 1,000 small tractors a year for sale to private […] Continue reading
Cuba for sale: ‘Havana is now the big cake – and everyone is trying to get a slice’ Property developers are queuing up to pounce as Cuba opens its doors to the world. Proposals for Havana’s old harbour are described as ‘Las Vegas meets Miami in the Caribbean’. So can the city cope with the […] Continue reading
Central Committee Plenary, Beans, Clothes, and the Roof / 14ymedio, Pedro Campos Posted on January 24, 2016 14ymedio, Pedro Campos, Havana, 23 January 2016 — A brief note on 15 January in the State-Party controlled newspaper Granma reports that the 13th Plenary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) was apparently held […] Continue reading
Cuban Tourism: Are There Enough Beds? / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 12, 2016 Ivan Garcia, 10 January 2016 — One month before their trip, José María, his wife and two sons from Valencia Spain made reservations through the internet for two rooms at the Hotel Riviera, which faces Havana’s seaside drive, the Malecón. “There […] Continue reading
A Glance at Cuba in 2015 / Ivan Garcia Posted on January 6, 2016 Ivan Garcia, 2 January 2016 — Joel Castillo, 19, passed from expectation to frustration in 12 months. After graduating in 2014 in electronics from a technology school south of Havana, he still hasn’t been able to work in his specialty. “With […] Continue reading
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