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The Cuban Regime Survives by Fear / Iván García Iván García, 21 March 2017 — In the slum of Lawton, south of Havana, the need for housing has converted an old collective residence with narrow passageways into a bunkhouse. With dividers made from cardboard or bricks recovered from demolished buildings, “apartments” have appeared where a […] Continue reading
Tinder Turns La Rampa Into A Catwalk For Love / 14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez 14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 30 December 2016 — “You have to show yourself like a peacock, with all your colors,” Tito, 22, explains to a friend who just downloaded the Tinder application onto his phone. The social dating network is sweeping the […] Continue reading
What Fidel Castro Left Us (Part 2) / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 19 December 2016 — According to Luisa, 76, a former prostitute, the first time she collected money for sex, she bathed herself three times trying to remove the smell of an old man who sweated over her body. “I was once young and […] Continue reading
Legacy and End Point / Somos+, Pedro Acosta Somos+, Pedro Acosta, 6 December 2016 — After your departure the Cuban people should be eternally grateful for: The fall of the dictatorship. Fulfilling your political promises, especially the respect for the 1940 Constitution, the quick holding of free elections, and not placing yourself permanently in power. […] Continue reading
Fidel Castro is dead BY GLENN GARVIN Fidel Castro, who towered over his Caribbean island for nearly five decades, a shaggy-bearded figure in combat fatigues whose long shadow spread across Latin America and the world, is dead at age 90. His brother Raul announced the death late Friday night. Millions cheered Fidel Castro on […] Continue reading
As the future closes in, there’s still time to travel to authentic Cuba THE WASHINGTON POST PUBLISHED: August 5, 2016 at 2:16 pm | UPDATED: August 5, 2016 at 2:19 By Moriah Balingit The Washington Post For many travelers, the goal is to physically move – to be flung through airspace and to cross borders […] Continue reading
In Cuba, as an uncertain future inches closer, it’s still a step back in time By Moriah Balingit July 28 at 4:30 PM For many travelers, the goal is to physically move — to be flung through airspace and to cross borders — but to remain in spaces that are comfortably familiar. They would prefer […] Continue reading
Three Months Later, The Residents Of Havana Still Remember Obama / Iván García Iván García , 22 June 2016 — The park at Galiano and San Rafael is a beehive of activity. At one end, several teenagers play soccer, using a school desk as the goal, while 50 men and women are connecting to the […] Continue reading
How Cuba was destroyed Patrick Luciani, Special to Financial Post | March 1, 2016 6:08 PM ET Now that President Obama has opened relations with Cuba, and plans to visit this month, Canadians are saying, “Let’s get down there before Americans ruin the place.” Too late: the ruin began with the 1959 revolution. Many Canadians’ […] Continue reading
IMO, Person of the Year in Cuba Yoani Sanchez – Award-winning Cuban blogger Posted: 11/28/2015 2:14 pm EST Updated: 11/28/2015 4:59 pm EST 14ymedio, Generation Y, Yoani Sanchez, 28 November 2015 – December will soon be here and numerous lists of this year’s protagonists will be published in Cuba. A difficult task in a country […] Continue reading
Press Workshop with Raul Rivero / Ivan Garcia Posted on November 23, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 23 November 2015 — On these hot nights in Havana, when nostalgia, that silent thief that robs you of strength, strikes without warning, Raúl Rivero, the poet, sneaks through my window and offers me a workshop specifically on the latest […] Continue reading
Committee on the Rights of the Child Queries the Government of Cuba Regarding the Sale of Children and Child Pornography Posted on July 6, 2015 Committee on the Rights of the Child, 70th Session – 2015, Draft Program Review of States Parties’ Reports List of questions relative to the briefing presented by Cuba by virtue […] Continue reading
The Castros’ New Friend [14-05-2015 22:57:34] James Kirchick ( Obama’s change of policy helps Cuba’s oppressive regime, not its democratic dissidents I’ve visited more than my fair share of dictatorships, but Cuba is the only one where travelers at the airport must pass through a metal detector uponentering, in addition to leaving, the country. Immediately […] Continue reading

Is Cuba ready for its money shot?
By Abigail Jones

The Communist island is on the cusp of another revolution, this one
fought with lines of credit instead of rifles and slogans
Now that the country is opening up for the first time to US travellers
in over five decades, hope, determination and money are in… Continue reading

Inside Fidel Castro’s hometown: What next for Cuba?
After over 50 years of isolation, Cuba may finally be ‘coming in from
the cold’. But what does this mean for Fidel Castro’s country – and what
do the people in his hometown make of it all?
By Georgia Birch, Biran8:00AM GMT 28 Mar 2015

Muriel Ramirez has… Continue reading

Cuba’s Bay of Fat Cats

Traveling from Miami to Havana is a haphazard, seemingly nonsensical
process that requires patience, guile, humor and a ruthless willingness
to cut lines. Thankfully, I’m traveling with Alberto Magnan, so we skip
the airport check-in line because he knows a guy.… Continue reading

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