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The Cuban Regime is an Enemy to theFreedom of Expression / Iván García Ivan Garcia, 10 May 2017 — When he is particularly bored, after flicking through the eight channels that there are on the island, 56 year old civil engineer Josuan watches the national news some nights with a smirk only to later write […] Continue reading
Interview with El Sexto (Danilo Maldonado) in San Francisco Danilo “El Sexto” Maldonado is in San Francisco, planning for the opening of his art exhibit, “Angels and Demons,” at the Immersive ART LAB, 3255A Third Street, May 11, 6-10pm. His exhibit is sponsored by the Human Rights Foundation as part of its Art in Protest […] Continue reading
Freedom House Rates Cuba Among the Worst Countries for the Practice of Journalism According to Freedom House, the Government “could not prevent an improvement in the scope and quality of the information available.” 14ymedio, Havana, 28 April 2017 — Freedom House has again placed Cuba among the worst countries to exercise journalism in and continues […] Continue reading
Outdated laws and limited, expensive internet access slow Cuba’s progress Committee to Protect Journalists 2 May 2017 By Carlos Lauría Cuba’s media landscape has begun opening up in recent years, transformed by a lively blogosphere, an increasing number of news websites carrying investigative reporting and news commentary, and an innovative breed of independent reporters who […] Continue reading
Reporters Without Borders Rates Press Freedom In Cuba Very Low 14ymedio, Havana, 27 April 2017 — Reporters Without Borders (RSF) has placed Cuba in position 173 on its 2017 World Press Freedom Index published on Wednesday, two places lower than last year, and in the lowest category (shown in black), along with “the worst dictatorships […] Continue reading
Medios digitales independientes, un hueso duro de roer en Cuba abril 28, 2017 Rosa Tania Valdés Pese a que sigue siendo un sitio desfavorable para el ejercicio del periodismo, la información se abre paso en la isla gracias a medios y periodistas independientes que hacen la competencia a la prensa oficial que responde al Partido […] Continue reading
Cynicism to disguise defeat PEDRO CAMPOS | La Habana | 10 de Abril de 2017 – 13:43 CEST. Cynicism is, according to the dictionary definition, the attitude of one who lies shamelessly, and defends or practices in a brazen, impudent and dishonest way something that deserves general disapproval. Cynicism has always characterized the Government headed […] Continue reading
Locked up for 16 months: how a British architect discovered Cuba’s dark side 2 APRIL 2017 • 7:00AM The Cuban conundrum is that little is what it seems. The mojitos flow, the Buena Vista tribute acts play and the tropical sun shines magnanimously on the tourists: the pasty Canadians, Britons and now – thanks to […] Continue reading
The Cuban Regime Survives by Fear / Iván García Iván García, 21 March 2017 — In the slum of Lawton, south of Havana, the need for housing has converted an old collective residence with narrow passageways into a bunkhouse. With dividers made from cardboard or bricks recovered from demolished buildings, “apartments” have appeared where a […] Continue reading
Chinese Company Huawei Dominates Cuban Cellphone Market 14ymedio, Marcelo Hernandez, Havana, 23 March 2017 — The mobile telephone market is changing at a speed that leaves little time to get used to new models. In Cuba, this dynamism is mostly seen in the informal networks, where the Chinese brand dominates because of its low prices […] Continue reading
La firma china Huawei se impone en el mercado cubano La marca gana terreno en la Isla por sus prestaciones, precios y la preferencia otorgada por el Gobierno MARCELO HERNÁNDEZ, La Habana | Marzo 23, 2017 El mercado de la telefonía móvil cambia a una velocidad que apenas deja margen para acostumbrarse a los nuevos […] Continue reading
‘From now on you have no name. You are prisoner 217’: life in a Cuban jail A brutal high-security prison was the last place Stephen Purvis expected to end up when he moved to Havana. Stephen Gibbs tells his story Stephen Gibbs Sunday 19 March 2017 09.00 GMT If you happened to go to a […] Continue reading
Cuba entre “lo peor de lo peor” en informe sobre libertad de prensa marzo 16, 2017 Freedom House ubicó a la isla en el puesto 91 en una escala de 100 en su informe de 2016 y señaló que el gobierno continúa reprimiendo a periodistas por publicar artículos que considera “subversivos”. Cuba es uno de […] Continue reading
Cubans Wanting To Emigrate See The United States As First Option / Ivan garcia Ivan Garcia, 19 January 2017 — There are few things that spontaneously bring Cubans on the island together. For example, if the provincial team is crowned champion in the national baseball series, where, in between the infamous beer and a noisy […] Continue reading
Brazen Cuban street artist El Sexto talks about his work, prison and activism BY MARIO J. PENTÓN Danilo Maldonado, the Cuban graffiti artist and human rights activist known as El Sexto, is the very antithesis of the communist “new man” the Castro revolution was supposed to create. Maldonado spent 55 days in prison after […] Continue reading
El Sexto: ‘Quiero que los demás sepan que es posible ser libre y romper con el gobierno’ MARIO J. PENTÓN Danilo Maldonado Machado, grafitero y activista por los derechos humanos en Cuba, encarna la antítesis del hombre nuevo forjado por la revolución. Tras estar 55 días encarcelado por pintar un grafiti en una pared […] Continue reading
Cuban emigrants declare a hunger strike in Panama JUAN ARTURO GÓMEZ TOBÓN | Turbo | 31 de Enero de 2017 – 11:13 CET. A group of six Cuban emigrants, including several identifying themselves as members of the Movimiento Prodemocrático Pedro Luis Boitel, declared themselves on a hunger strike in the locality of Laja Blanca, Darien […] Continue reading
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