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Cuba: Directives for Cyber-offensive from the Ministry of Public Health
/ Juan Juan Almeida

Juan Juan Almeida, 15 March 2017 — The Cuban government is preparing an
insightful cyber-offensive and to do so plans to increase the army of
cyber-combatants where, in addition to the well-known guerrillas of
cyberspace — that is the students at the University of Information
Sciences and the pro-government bloggers — they will add to this new
attack all the professionals and staff of the health services. Doctors,
specialists, graduates, nurses, health technicians, radiologists,
physiotherapists and the rest of the staff that deals with all types of
health services and management inside and outside of Cuba.

To this end, they have issued a resolution dated January 31 and signed
by Alfredo Rodriguez Dias, Director of Information Technology and
Communications of the Cuban Ministry of Public Health (MINSAP).

In this document you can read, and I quote:

“At present, the use and presence of social networks has become a
fundamental factor in the process of socialization, exchange and
dissemination of our achievements, our results. Also it has become a
symbol of belonging and sites where people and businesses share
interests in common such as the news, images, and music among others.

“It is a new space of combat, where the spreading of news happens at
great speed with the reach and impact that other means do not have.

“A global university where information is a decisive recourse in the
political struggle, and becomes a matter of national security and it is
necessary that to achieve a competitive advantage in these spaces to
give visibility and credibility to our points of view and our values.

“They constitute privileged channels for the information offensive,
counterattack campaigns and to construct alternatives for political
expansion and to offer a unprecedented opportunity to activate and
multiply the power of the Revolution.

“It is the mission of the activists and cyber combatants to be alert to
the spread of news that could affect the Revolution and others that lie
about it and denigrate it, so it is NOT prohibited to visit these
counterrevolutionary sites, niches where the opportunists are entrenched
to wage battle in the Social Networks.

“It is good to know what they are saying, how they think and how the
enemy acts in order to be able to combat it. We know that lies are
posted there; but there are also truths and we have to know their
weaknesses to be able to fight them and where we still have failures. We
do not have to fear knowing where we have cancer to be able to fight and
eliminate it.”

The document in question includes a list of objectives that are listed
under the honorable title of cyber-enemies, and there we find 14ymedio,
Cubaenmiami, El Nuevo Herald, Café,, Cubanet,
Martinoticias y Diariodecuba; and an extensive list of electronic
addresses. Almost all well-known.

All this framework, this sniffing around the networks, is a common
practice, so it should come as no surprise. The subversive if the maneuver.

Source: Cuba: Directives for Cyber-offensive from the Ministry of Public
Health / Juan Juan Almeida – Translating Cuba –

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