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Cuban Innovation Returns to the U.S. as the Second Class of Cuban
Technology Interns Summer in New York

As 2015’s first-ever class seeds innovation in Cuba, this year’s interns
to learn about American Technology at Manhattan Incubator Grand Central
Tech, sponsored by the Innovadores Foundation
July 18, 2016 08:00 AM Eastern Daylight Time

NEW YORK–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The sprouts of entrepreneurship in Cuba are
taking hold, thanks in part to an innovative internship program that
again this year will welcome Cuban young innovators to New York and
immerse them in the world of American high-tech start-ups. The
first-of-its-kind program, which is sponsored by the Innovadores
Foundation, an American non-profit, is again hosting three young Cuban
technologists to intern in the heart of Manhattan, at Grand Central
Tech, a tech incubator that is giving life to the next generation of
U.S. technology companies.

Last year’s class, which exposed Cuban young people to some of the best
and brightest young minds in technology here in the U.S., has already
birthed one of Cuba’s newest technology solutions. MyAlmendrone is an
app co-created by Gabriel Garcia, a graduate of last year’s program and
Raynel Gonzalez Irure, who will join this year’s class in New York City.
The app helps Cubans and tourists in Havana to navigate the Almendrone
system, an informal network of privately owned 1950s era cars that
operate as collective taxis along regular routes throughout the city.

Some seventy young Cubans overcame limited Internet access to apply
online for the chance to study American entrepreneurship and technology
as part of this year’s class. “The program has generated an incredible
buzz inside Havana’s emerging tech scene,” says Miles Spencer, Cofounder
of Greenwich, Conn.’s Innovadores Foundation. “Last year, we had no idea
whether an American internship was even possible. This year, it’s paying
dividends by giving Cuban students the chance to see how innovation
takes place in the U.S. and taking that knowledge back to Cuba to create
their own technologies and products.”

This year, the Innovadores Foundation is expanding its intern exchange
program to include established entrepreneurs in the U.S. and Cuba. This
“Innovation Exchange” program will bring U.S. entrepreneurs to Havana to
witness the state of innovation and development in Cuba, as well as
Cuban entrepreneurs to the United States for education and networking
opportunities in their industries. The program provides established
American companies with access and insights into emerging Cuban markets
and business opportunities, led by John Caulfield, former Chief of
Mission of the U.S. Interests Section in Havana.

“Our work connecting Cuban young people with U.S. technologists has
resulted in a number of American companies contacting us to help them
gain perspectives and understanding of the opportunities in Cuba,” says
Caulfield. “Our Innovation Exchange program provides companies
interested in gaining a real-word view of Cuba’s emerging markets and
the challenges and opportunities they present.”

The Cuban interns, who will be in New York from July 18 until August 16,
are available for media interviews on location at Grand Central Tech or
in person at New York media locations.

About the Innovadores Foundation.

The Innovadores Foundation is a non-profit organization that supports
the development of students who have demonstrated exceptional talent in
science, technology, engineering, the arts, and mathematics (STEM). The
objective is to create an environment where new ideas in these areas can
be developed through joint efforts under the mentorship of top
professionals in their fields.

Gregory FCA
Leigh Minnier, 610-228-2108
Associate Vice President
Company Contact:
Innovadores Foundation
Miles Spencer, 203-434-5844

Source: Cuban Innovation Returns to the U.S. as the Second Class of
Cuban Technology Interns Summer in New York | Business Wire –

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