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Daily Archives: January 24, 2016

Central Committee Plenary, Beans, Clothes, and the Roof / 14ymedio, Pedro Campos Posted on January 24, 2016 14ymedio, Pedro Campos, Havana, 23 January 2016 — A brief note on 15 January in the State-Party controlled newspaper Granma reports that the 13th Plenary of the Central Committee of the Cuban Communist Party (PCC) was apparently held […] Continue reading
Los emigrados que regresan a Cuba Mientras la migración cubana hacia los EEUU alcanza cifras récord, también crece el número de emigrados que regresan a Cuba. Mauricio Estrada es uno de los miles de cubanos que han decidido volver a residir en la isla, tras pasar 14 años en España. Junto con su hermano abrió […] Continue reading
Passengers furious after return flight from Cuba delayed nearly 13 hours By: Alexandra Paul Posted: 01/23/2016 8:47 PM | Last Modified: 01/23/2016 10:38 PM | Exhausted, relieved and frustrated, a group of bedraggled Manitoban tourists on a Cuban holiday touched down in Winnipeg Saturday evening, 36 hours after they’d seen a bed, a toothbrush or […] Continue reading
Alan Gross: Castros have no power nor relevance to Cuba’s future Published January 23, 2016 EFE By Lucia Leal U.S. citizen Alan Gross believes the Castro brothers no longer hold the reins of power in Cuba, nor are they relevant to the island’s future, and he would like to visit again the country where he […] Continue reading
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