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Cubans see US restrictions eased

The US has formally eased restrictions on Cuban-Americans visiting
relatives and sending money to Cuba.

As part of changes first announced in April, Washington has also relaxed
rules for US telecommunication companies doing business with Cuba.

Cuban-Americans can now visit a broader range of relatives, as often as
they want, and spend more money.

According the US Treasury, the aim is to promote greater contact between
separated family members.

Cuban-Americans can visit Cuba as often as they want and spend up to
$180 (£110) a day – an increase from $50 a day.

Internet and phones

There are no limits in place on money transfers, which US banks are now
authorised to handle.

In business, US telecommunications are now exempt from the general US
trade embargo – in place against Cuba for five decades – and can now
provide fibre optic internet connections and mobile phone roaming services.

Phone bills can also be paid by relatives in the US.

The new Treasury rules come into effect immediately, although there has
been no official reaction so far from the Cuban authorities.

Nor has Havana given any indication that Cuba will be prepared to open
up internet connections on the island, correspondents say.

Previously, visits to Cuba by Cuban-Americans were limited to just one a
year, and only $1,200 could be sent per person to relatives in Cuba.
Story from BBC NEWS:

Published: 2009/09/04 03:49:29 GMT

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